Standard PCAP Controller

Excellent Controller For Mid-Sized Sensors

Standard PCAP Controller

A D Metro’s standard Projected Capacitance (PCAP) controllers along with A D Metro’s wide range of PCAP sensors deliver a high-quality, multi-touch solution suitable for a wide range of applications.

PCAP provides the advantages of zero-force, multi-touch sensing and excellent light transmission from the display.

A D Metro’s standard PCAP controllers can be programmed for a wide range of sensors having popular 2*51-pin FPC flex tail interconnects. An adapter is available if compatibility with a 68-pin FPC flex tail interconnect is preferred.

A D Metro’s PCAP controller communicates using USB. This is compatible with built-in touch drivers of most operating systems that have USB HID compatibility.

Note that controller firmware is sensor, orientation and sensing parameter specific and can be pre-programmed by A D Metro for your specific needs.

If even faster time-to-market is a priority, consider A D Metro’s patented ARGON PCAP controller instead.  The ARGON is preprogrammed with firmware that adapts to any sensor and usage conditions, so touch parameters and conditions don’t need to be known or decided in advance.

Part Details



Standard PCAP controller. USB interface only.


USB-A Controller Cable, 6 ft (about 2m)


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Product Features

  • Multi-touch (10 point) operation
  • Light touch activation with smooth gestures
  • High quality construction – 2 layer glass
  • High light transmission and image clarity
  • Durability: scratch, abrasion and vandal resistant
  • Common group controllers
  • USB HID compatibility
Two PCAP Sensors Plus controller Oct 2023-sm
PCAP Touch Screens

Technical Specifications

Size: 4″ to 55″
Input Device: Finger
Surface Hardness: 6.5 Mohs
Temperature: Operating: -10°C to +60°C*
Storage: -10°C to +65°C*
Enclosure Compatibility: NEMA 4, 12, IP65
Transmittance: ≥85%
*Technical specifications apply to standard products and are subject to change without notice. Product performance will be subject to suitable installation and mounting. Consult manufacturer for technical drawings, best practices for installation and mounting, confirmation that product can meet intended application’s requirements or for the applicable product specifications when optional enhancements are applied.

Available Options

Some applications have more demanding requirements. To meet these needs A D Metro can make select combinations of the following enhancement options available:

  • Surface glass thickness
  • Substrate glass thickness

Please refer to the PCAP Sensor Catalog for specific details.

Alternative Controllers

All non Chip on Flex PCAP sensors up to 23” are compatible with the following footprint compatible controllers. Contact A D Metro for details and other options.

PCAP Touchscreens

How do Projected Capacitive Touch Screens Work?

Projected capacitive touch screen sensors use two perpendicular layers of conductive coatings that form vertical and horizontal patterned tracks behind a glass top layer. When a finger is placed on the glass screen it changes the mutual capacitance between the horizontal and vertical patterned tracks. The controller scans each cell of the horizontal and vertical grid with a high frequency signal, identifying any changes in mutual capacitance between adjacent cells as touch locations.

For more information on popular touch screen technologies, please download our whitepaper.

Explore Other Projected Capacitive (PCAP) Products

A D Metro’s industry leading ARGON PCAP controller senses and adapts, at the press of a button, to the connected (off-the-shelf) PCAP sensor size, format, and cover glass as well as the characteristics of detected touches and your system’s unique background noise environment.
Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch screens offer the user friendly multi-touch experience, associated with smartphones and tablets, operating with very light touch through a highly durable glass surface.
PCAP touch screens with chip-on-flex controllers provide a compact touch solution for smaller sensor sizes, delivering excellent multi-touch experience

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