Touch screen based solutions in retail enable self-service convenience, reduced operating costs and increased sales.

Touch screens enhance customer convenience and satisfaction while reducing operating costs through self-service kiosks, supermarket check-outs, automatic teller machines (ATM), digital signage, ticketing and check-in kiosks.

What may seem like a rather benign environment for touch screen applications is often a challenge for reliable and durable operations, where the realities of real world operating environments need to be considered. Unattended kiosks must be vandal resistant. Outdoor kiosks need to work in rain, extreme heat or cold, and be glove operated. Restaurants and the food service industry need solutions that work with contaminants on the screen and are easily cleaned. A D Metro supplies commercial touch screen solutions that can be embedded into applications for retail that include POS, kiosks, interactive digital displays, ATMs and lottery terminals.

Recommended Touch Screen Technologies for Retail Applications

A D Metro’s patented ULTRA touch screen, with its armor glass surface, is the most durable, reliable and economic resistive touch screen sensor on the market.
A D Metro stands behind these high quality resistive touch sensors that target the most cost-sensitive applications. Sensors include 5-Wire models that deliver reliability and longevity well beyond expectations.
Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch screens offer the user friendly multi-touch experience, associated with smartphones and tablets, operating with very light touch through a highly durable glass surface.

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