Military & Aerospace

Military and aerospace applications present the most demanding requirements for touch screen solutions, where A D Metro’s ULTRA resistive technology excels.

The significant advantages of touch screen solutions are driving increased deployment in demanding mission critical military and aerospace applications.

Touch screen technology enables intuitive ease of use, reduced power and weight for flight-deck, airborne, shipboard, vehicle mounted and ground tactical applications. A D Metro offers touch screen solutions that meet the extreme operational and environmental requirements of military and aerospace applications, enabling compliance to Mil-Spec in embedded applications. A D Metro’s ULTRA is popular in military applications because it offers a reliable pressure activated touch that can be glove operated, has excellent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) characteristics, can be designed in to ruggedized enclosures for extreme environments, and is available with a range of filters and optical enhancements.

Recommended Touch Screen Technologies for Military & Aerospace Applications

A D Metro’s patented ULTRA touch screen, with its armor glass surface, is the most durable, reliable and economic resistive touch screen sensor on the market.
A D Metro stands behind these high quality resistive touch sensors that target the most cost-sensitive applications. Sensors include 5-Wire models that deliver reliability and longevity well beyond expectations.
Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch screens offer the user friendly multi-touch experience, associated with smartphones and tablets, operating with very light touch through a highly durable glass surface.

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