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5-Wire Resistive Touchscreens

A D Metro: Leading the Touchscreen Market with Two-Touch Resistive Controller

With the fact that controllers play a crucial role in touch applications, A D Metro has scaled in the touchscreen market through its unique controller innovations like two-touch resistive controllers and smart ARGON PCAP controllers.

Controllers are the main electronic interface that acts as a connector between the touch sensor and the device. Basically, a controller receives touch commands from the sensor and translates them into X, and Y coordinates that the graphic user interface (GUI) of the device can decipher.

These advanced controllers elevate the functionality of standard touch solutions and help manufacturers streamline their inventory. This blog focuses on two-touch resistive controllers that impart multi-touch functionality to resistive touch screens.

Standard resistive touch screens with one-touch resistive touch controllers offer advantages of easy integration, low total system cost, full EMC immunity, the ability to work when dirty, wet, or even when immersed in salt water, and bare finger, thick glove, or stylus input.

But for applications that require functionality and performance of resistive touch sensors and demand multi-touch capability, A D Metro’s patented two-touch resistive controllers take the lead. This advanced controller compatibly works with 5-wire resistive sensors (standard or ULTRA) and delivers a unique two-touch capability enabling pinch, zoom, and rotate functions in applications often used in demanding environments that only resistive touch screens can withstand, such as outdoor marine and military applications.

A D Metro’s two-touch resistive controllers communicate using USB and are compatible with built-in touch drivers of most operating systems that have USB HID compatibility. The goal of using multi-touch technology is to replace standard mouse-click buttons with more intuitive gestures that are easier to learn and use than mouse clicks. Users who have complex procedures can benefit from multi-touch technology’s highly customizable and simple user interfaces.

Exploring A D Metro’s Two-Touch Resistive Controller:
The board design of two-touch resistive controllers is dimensionally similar to typical single-touch resistive controllers. Moreover, the connectors used in it are compatible with A D Metro’s current line of one-touch resistive controllers, allowing seamless and easy conversion to advanced two-touch controllers.

A D Metro’s patented two-touch resistive controller offers fast and smooth touch operations with 100 touch points per second for single touch and 70 touch points per second for two-touch. Integrating advanced two-touch controllers adds new capabilities to the reliable tried and tested 5-wire resistive touch sensors (standard or ULTRA) and enables full two-touch operation, ideal for pinch, zoom, rotate, and drag gestures.

Additional Advantages of Integrating Two-Touch Resistive Controllers:

Improved Control and Accuracy:

  • Two-touch resistive controllers offer a higher degree of control and accuracy by manipulating digital information using multi-touch gestures that conventional HMI input methods i.e., mouse or keyboard, don’t allow.
  • They also enable moving, resizing, or rotating 3D models with ease and precision, crucial to enhancing the functionality of applications.

Better Visual Efficiency:

  • Users can smoothly move through an enormous volume of data without having to click on each item separately.
  • The two-touch functionality makes it easier and faster to locate the data on display and eliminates the need for additional clicks.

Reduced Costs:

  • A D Metro’s two-touch resistive controllers allow easy integration with low total system cost.
  • They are much easier to install than traditional hardware and help organizations save money on installation fees.

Less Maintenance:

  • Two-touch resistive controllers require less maintenance, allowing users to save time and money on application upkeep.
  •  Multi-touch applications are easier to use, reducing the training expenses for organizations. This enables businesses to invest more in core goods rather than training.

While one-touch resistive controllers remain a choice for standard resistive applications, A D Metro’s patented two-touch resistive controllers have enabled manufacturers to integrate multi-touch functionality to demanding resistive applications. With gestures like pinch, zoom, and rotate, the function and performance of 5-wire resistive touch sensors (standard or ULTRA) get enhanced to a greater extent.

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