One-Touch Resistive Controllers

A Broad Range of Touch Screen Controller Solutions

One-Touch Resistive Controllers

A D Metro’s one-touch resistive touch controllers provide feature-rich, high-performance, low-cost, universal resistive touch screen control solutions.

A D Metro’s resistive touch controllers can interface over USB or full voltage RS-232. They support 4-wire, 5-wire or (optionally) 8-wire resistive touch sensors up to 24 inches in size. The touch controller boards are easy to integrate into the wide variety of touch sensing applications that use USB HID-mouse and HID-digitizer device types. Most operating systems have full built-in USB HID compatibility.

A D Metro resistive touch controllers dynamically adapt to touch screen electrical characteristics such as sensitivity, contact resistance, and capacitance. The controllers deliver advanced touch response, accuracy and performance with up to 150 touch point reports per second of filtered coordinates, accurately tracking motion for applications such as signature capture.

A D Metro resistive touch screen controllers support displays for industrial control, self-service kiosks and POS terminals, as well as smaller, mobile, handheld computer and medical devices. Resistive touch provides the advantages of easy integration, low total system cost, the acceptance of single finger, thick glove or stylus input, full EMC immunity, and the ability to work when dirty, wet or even when immersed in salt water.

Explore Other Resistive Products

A D Metro’s patented ULTRA touch screen, with its armor glass surface, is the most durable, reliable and economic resistive touch screen sensor on the market.
A D Metro stands behind these high quality resistive touch sensors that target the most cost-sensitive applications. Sensors include 5-Wire models that deliver reliability and longevity well beyond expectations.
A D Metro’s patented two-touch resistive controller, along with A D Metro’s 5-wire resistive sensors (traditional or ULTRA) deliver a unique two-touch solution that’s ideal for applications in challenging environments requiring pinch, zoom and rotate functions, such as outdoor marine and military applications.

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